The clean nutritional supplement

puori was founded in 2009 by the two Danes Oliver Amdrup-Chamby and Julius Heslet. The mission was clear from the start:  Offering pure and clean products that improve people’s health and well-being.

puori – C3-Vitamin C Brausetabletten, 85 g

puori – D3-Vitamin D3, 40 g

puori – M3-Magensium, 110 g

puori – O3-Omega 3, 160 g

puori – O3-Liquid Omega 3 Öl, 150 ml

puori – PP3-Multi Vitamin & Mineralien, 212 g

puori – PW1-Pure Whey Dark Chocolate, 900 g

puori – PW1-Pure Whey Vanilla, 900 g

puori – SB-30 Sticks, 135 g

Brands we work with

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