The experts for vegan proteins

PURYA! is a young innovative brand from Hamburg that specialises in the development and production of vegan proteins and high quality organic products for athletes, active people and healthy organic cuisine. Each process is managed by us from the creation of the recipes, the careful selection of the raw ingredients and producers to the pack design.

The criteria for product selection are: organic, vegan, lactose-free, raw (when possible) certified quality, manufactured and certified in Germany and Austria.

Protein Drinks Minipacks

PURYA! Protein Drink – Kakao Carob, 30 g

PURYA! Protein Drink – Vanille-Erdbeere, 30 g

PURYA! High Protein Shake – Vanilla, 30 g

Protein Bars

PURYA! Organic Crisp Bar – Original, 35 g

PURYA! Organic Crisp Bar – Choco-Banana, 35 g

PURYA! Protein Bar – Choco-Maca, 40 g

PURYA! Protein Bar – Vanilla, 40 g

PURYA! Protein Bar – Cocos, 40 g

High Protein Shakes

PURYA! High Protein Shake – Choco, 550 g

PURYA! High Protein Shake – Vanilla, 550 g

Vegan Protein Drinks

PURYA! Protein Drink – Kakao-Carob, 550 g

PURYA! Protein Drink – Banane-Baobab, 550 g

PURYA! Protein Drink – Vanille-Erdbeere, 550 g

PURYA! Protein Drink – Raw, 550 g

Vegan Protein Powder

PURYA! Protein – Reis, 250 g

PURYA! Protein – Hanf, 250 g

PURYA! Protein – Kürbiskern, 250 g

PURYA! Protein – Süßlupinen, 250 g

PURYA! Protein – Sonnenblumen, 250 g


PURYA! Super Foods – Inner Light, 250 g

PURYA! Super Foods – Super Greens, 250 g

PURYA! Super Foods – Moringa, 250 g

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