A good partner for young and established brands

Choosing the right distribution partner is an important success factor for you as a producer of organic food products. Are we a business partner match and do we have the potential to become „Organic Friends“? The best way to find out is to have a conversation about it.

Here is a bit of outline data so you can decide if you feel a first meeting would be worthwhile.

We welcome young companies and sustainable food startups who want to establish themselves in the D-A-CH retail sector. We do work just as passionately for producers of established brands that may not be represented in the D-A-CH region.

How do you benefit from a partnership

Fast distribution for young brands

For young brands, we offer fast, low-friction distribution development in the whole D-A-CH region as well as holistic consulting for a successful market entry. We will gladly to support you with all marketability issues – from correct packaging to legally watertight health claims. We are also happy to help you advance and refine your sales and marketing strategy. In doing so, we strive for a cooperative, transparent and low-friction way of working.

Continuous growth for established brands

After high-volume listings have been acquired, we will identify further in-depth potentials and work with you on strategies to seize these additional opportunities. You can trust us to proactively offer suggestions – always based on both our experience and comprehensive data analysis.

In addition, we systematically apply different marketing tools and opportunities in our retail environment. We will never stop to fight for additional listings and activities on the sales floor. All in all, you can always count on a professional and passionate partnership.

Brands we work with

Markenlogo RAWBITE in GrauMarkenlogo RAWBITE
Markenlogo PURYA! in GrauMarkenlogo PURYA!
Markenlogo True Gum in GrauMarkenlogo True Gum
Markenlogo CLIF Bar in GrauMarkenlogo CLIF Bar
Markenlogo puori in GrauMarkenlogo puori
Markenlogo ORGANIC HUMAN in GrauMarkenlogo ORGANIC HUMAN
Markenlogo ROY in GrauMarkenlogo ROY
Markenlogo Chokay in GrauMarkenlogo Chokay
Markenlogo Nohrlund in GrauMarkenlogo Nohrlund
Markenlogo Northern Greens in GrauMarkenlogo Northern Greens
Markenlogo Higher Living in GrauMarkenlogo Higher Living
Markenlogo Mallorca Distillery in GrauMarkenlogo Mallorca Distillery