The basis for target-oriented marketing is data & information. That is why the systematic gathering and analysis of market data has been one of our top priorities for a while now.

We collect:

  • internal data on sales volumes and turnover in various channels, with retail customers an in different markets
  • consumer data from our own online shop
  • freely available, external data on sales volumes, turnover, distribution and rotation in retail chains and other institutions
  • freely available consumer data from external online marketplaces and online shops
  • paid data from market research companies (where appropriate)

We can thereby:

  • identify distribution reserves and develop targeted counter measures
  • visualize the market performance of products and taste variants and recommend comprehensive portfolio changes.
  • evaluate the success of retail marketing activities and give recommendations for the future marketing mix.
  • make projections of sales volumes and turnovers for established and new brands and give them valuable input for their marketing strategy