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Higher Living is a family business based in rural Sussex, UK, made up of a team of tea lovers who have been blending teas for over 20 years. Their commitment to quality has earned Higher Living two Queen Awards, and they are proud to be an independent family business with the whole family involved. With many different blends, they have created the perfect tea for every mood.

Higher Living Packshot Kamille Vanille

Higher Living Kamille Vanille

Higher Living Packshot Karamell Rooibos

Higher Living Karamell Rooibos

Higher Living Packshot Anis Fenchel Kümmel

Higher Living Anis Fenchel Kümmel

Higher Living Packshot Zitrone & Ingwer

Higher Living Zitrone & Ingwer

Higher Living Packshot Sweet Dreams

Higher Living Sweet Dreams

Higher Living Packshot Very Berry

Higher Living Very Berry

Brands we work with

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